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Three brothers from Beira Alta decided to strengthen their family vineyards in order to create a unique wine that would cross current winemaking knowledge with the artisanal flavor of the memories of calloused hands and purple-tinged feet. Thus, on July 27, 2012, the Borges hands launched Palwines, company whose name is the sum of the initials of their proper names: Pedro, Ana and Luís. The raw material that mobilized the gestures of these three brothers was a vineyard distributed in several parcels, one of Touriga Nacional and the others of very old vineyard, of the great-grandparents' time. With the help of their parents, they invested in exploring properties of just over 20,000 square meters. And soon as a wine producer, Palwines made the one that the Dão Regional Wine Commission considered to be the best red of the 2012 campaign.

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The Borges brothers give value to the knowledges, flavors and labors that pass from generation to generation. And for these three young entrepreneurs it makes perfect sense to extend the concept of family to the wine production itself. It is familiar from the beginning to the end of the process, without the intervention of third parties in the creation of a red that is closer to the craft than to mass production.


Quinta dos Três Maninhos is not just a wine. It is the grafting of two generations. Three grandchildren wanted to give the grandfathers their last job. And even if they use the most modern methods of oenology, they do not cease to preserve the traditions. The wine is produced in the winepress where they first felt the odor of the must. And the crushing of the grapes is done with built-up and manual vertical press. Rather than industrialize production, the aim is to value the aromatic component of the caste and the exclusivity factor.

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